"I used Yelena's color analysis service when I found out I was accepted as a Miss Canada finalist. In order to look chic and glamorous, it is important to understand your season. In fact, I would say it is fundamental. I only wish I had come across Yelena's excellent services earlier. I had done quite a bit of research in books, magazines, and online regarding how one's "season" dictates their style, but Yelena was able to offer valuable and individualized insight in a timely manner which went beyond what I could do on my own. I highly recommend her professional colour analysis service and would go on to add that it is an excellent value. To view my "cool winter" style in action, follow my journey toward the Miss Canada crown at www.skyemarker.com or on facebook at facebook.com/skyemarkerformisscanada."

~Skye Marker, Miss Canada Finalist 2013 

"From a very young age I've been fascinated by beauty, art and fashion. I never could start wondering why some people can look so good, young and vital. I wanted to know the secret.
Something like 20 years ago I heard about color analysis for the first time but the way it was presented to me, I thought it's some kind of a secret only a selected group of people could know. Later one I discovered I'm a winter type. 
Few months ago I found Yelena. I was totally fascinated by her passion and love for what she's doing. I signed up for the digital analysis and she did confirm I am a winter type but the new thing for me was that I am a Cool Winter. That new dimension to my seasonal tipped helps me nail my color choices even more precisely and makes shopping even easier. 
I was also inspired by Yelena to look at some color combinations I never thought about. 
I love following Yelena on her blog because she's full of inspiring ideas and her passion is totally contagious! "
~Maria, USA

"Thank you for the review and support of the book. 
It sounds as though you have a stunning palette!
Colorfully Yours;
~David Zyla

"Dear Yelena, your blog and this book are amazing! Thank you So Much For everything you're doing!!!!!!!!! "
"Thank you so much Yelena for your help. Now there will be no more confusion what colors I have to wear.I do like the soft summer the most, it has the prettiest colors.
I will keep reading your blog, as I find it very interesting!"

"Hi there,Just wanted to let you know that your work has made quite an impact and I feel one of the greatest centralized resources of color analysis on the web... I've been using it with great success for awhile now!Thanks a lot from an impressed older twenty something from NYC ,

I just wanted to say how fabulous your website is. I check it every week, and all your articles have helped me improve so many areas of my life...so thank you very much!
Keep up the great work!"
~Canna from Australia

"I absolutely love the things you are teaching me! I went shopping last week and actually had an idea of color to look for and what do you know? I look amazing in the soft pastels!! I can not thank you enough for the info you have given me! I'll tell anyone any everyone I can. 
I wish I knew all this years ago! I am trying to apply everything you are sending me and been going through my closet getting rid,of the things that just don't work. 
Thank you again."

"I just want to say that I'm SO blown away of your blog. This is the first blog that I'm so in LOVE with! Truly in love! Keep on going with this!"
~Rock 'n Style Blog

"I just discovered your blog and have gone though so many posts--so great; motivating, uplifting, inspiring! I'm your newest follower! "
~Cassie Lee

"I love your website! I wasn't sure,but now I know for 100% that I'm soft summer!!Thank you!!"

"I tried to research color analysis online but quickly realized that I needed a professional to step in. I researched local image consultants and they wanted $600 for an in-person color analysis! I'm so glad I chose Yelena's service. She was great to work with - very prompt, courteous, and professional and helped me find the right season at a very reasonable price. Now I can't wait to edit my closet with my new colors! Thank you Yelena!"


"I am getting compliments all the time now that I am adding more of the colors you told me about for my coloring.  Again Thanks and i wish you well."


"Thank you sooo much!! These documents have cleared up sooo much confusion for me.  You have such a talent for fashion, color combinations, etc.  I am so very impressed with you!!  Again, thank you so so, very much!!! I am extremely happy with your results!!!!!!!!  I will study all of this to have when I go shopping for new clothes.  You can't believe how many pieces of clothing, especially tops, I had to get rid of because they do not fit and/or the color is wrong.  I tend to love to buy lots of color.  I found my favorite color is the light mint one. =)  I am almost done with my diet, hopefully finished in a month or so and will go shopping. yay!!!
I may order the body type and clothing analysis before I actually go out and shop! I have lost so much weight and have bought a bikini for the first time in my life!  
Thank you again Yelena.I feel very pretty!

"I LOVE the My Personal Stylist Program.  I am having a great time with it and there were many many mistakes made but that is no longer a problem!! 
 I am so happy !!"

"I love been a deep autumn is my favorite season!!! It was a great surprised for me to see all the information you send me, very complete and clear. I love the part when you described my personality it was like if you were talking about only me!! Congrats, great work, very professional, very complete and precise. I love it!!"
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