Neutrals and Accent Colors

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In the last newsletter we talked about the importants of the right color combination. Sometimes you look at some celebrity and wonder how is it possible to create something that beautiful. Well, it's possible! Let's start with basics.

Neutrals is like a skillet of your wardrobe. You whole wardrobe should be based on neutrals. Why? Because you can never go wrong, neutrals are able to coordinate well with variate of colors and do not attract a lot of attention.
Examples of neutrals would be black, white, grey as well as dulled, muted colores: navy blue, burgundy brown, taupe, olive. This colors are neutrals because they lie across from one another on color wheel.
How to recognize wardrobe neautrals?
Trust your intiaition. The less bright the color the more neutral it becomes.
If you thinking of buying an expensive suit or boots, I would suggest to invest in neautrals because neutrals can be combined with pretty much any color.

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Accent colors are bright, strong and intense. If your wardrobe is full of neutrals then you definitely should get a pop of color. How? Buy a colorful necklace or invest in royal blue pumps. Think of an interior. Imagine white fancy modern living room with soft white couches and fluffy light pillows. It's all white and light. It is beautiful, but to finish the composition you need an accent or a pop of color. The pop of yellow and pink would make it interesting. This way your attention goes first to the accent color and then around the room. The same way in fashion . Remember, not to go overboard. I like to use from 15 to 35% of accent color and the rest could be neutrals. 

In a next letter I will tell you more about Universal Colors.



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