Interview with the Winner of Free E-Color Analysis Amy Williams

Hello Lovelies,
Today I will ask few questions to the Winner of the Contest that I recently held on Seasonal Color Analysis Fanpage. You probably know Amy Williams, she an active member of Fanpage and she was lucky enough to win Free E-Color Analysis. I wanted to share with you Amy's thoughts and recommendations. Amy was kind enough to share her experience with all my readers. Thank you Amy!)

Amy Williams- COOL SUMMER

1) What were your first thoughts when you found out you were the winner of Free E-Color Analysis Contest?
I was SO delighted.  I was really seriously hoping to win and it was on my mind all weekend prior to the announcement.

2)  Were you professionally analyzed before?
Never before.  Growing up in the 80s, my mom had the book "Color Me Beautiful" and I studied it but it never made much sense to me.

3)  Did you have any idea what was your Season?
From reading your blog, I determined I was cool Winter, partly 
because I've always liked wearing black.  But then I suspected I might 
be Summer - especially because I don't really look dark and beautiful 
like winters.  Eventually I just lost all confidence in my ability to 
decide and was simply confused and lost.

Amy with her Beautiful kids!

4) What was the process of E-Color Analysis?
The process took a while because I didn't have anyone to help me 
take the pictures in daylight without a flash - except my 6 year old 
son.  We had some camera glitches to work out, too.  The process of 
finding all the color blocks was also a challenge: I had to search my 
husband's and children's wardrobe to find all the different colors 
needed.  Then, after I submitted my photos, the waiting was the 
hardest part.

5) Did you find the materials helpful?
The materials you sent exceeded my wildest imagination.  I just 
thought you'd declare my season and then I could refer to the 
information you've already posted on your blog.  It turns out you did 
a ton of work relating to me specifically.  You referred back to 
specific photos to  explain your thought process, and really helped me 
understand how you arrived at your conclusion.  I have been studying

the materials since they arrived and am still far from having covered  
it all.  The main thing I learned about myself is that I need to 
choose softer colors.  I've been thinking I was a winter so I've been 
buying a lot of vivid colors, and that's actually an unhelpful 
approach for being a Cool Summer.

6)Would you recommend this service to your friend?
 I have already recommended the service to friends and family.  It's 
really a life-changer to know which colors are best for you.  Already 
I've bought a new hat that I wouldn't have chosen before I had my
analysis, and it looks (and feels) fantastic!  Thank you so much.  I'm 
so grateful.

Thank you Amy for this Interview. I can't wait to see new pictures with New Pretty Color Palette!)

What is your Season?

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