Universal Colors

Hello Beautiful!
Today, we are going to talk about Universal Colors. What is Universal Colors?
These are the colors that made up of both warm and cool elements making the colors more neutral. These colors from medium light to medium dark value and not too bright or too dull. You probably see these colors season after season in stores and they sell like crazy. Well, you know why? Because Everyone can wear these colors.

One rule to remember: make sure to stay in you lever of contrast.
For example, if you lLight Season you lever of contrast is Low but if you Deep then your level of contrast is High.

These are few of the most common Universal Colors. Take a look.

And these

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Color Analysis Consultation

Finally, starting October 1st 2012, I will be offering Individual Color Analysis Consultation in Barcelona.

Did you know that color is the first thing noticed about a person? Colors have a profound effect on how we look, feel, and perceived by others.

What can you learn from this consultation?

Through COLOR ANALYSIS CONSULTATION, you will learn what range of colors make you look younger, healthier and more vibrant. You will understand how to enhance your natural coloring and will discover the right colors for your clothes, your make-up and your hair.

The one on one consultation will last approximately 1 hour. At the end you will get a swatch with your best 60 colors and a near 40 pages color booklet with specific information for you regarding your season and flow and everything else you need to know.


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Neutrals and Accent Colors

Hi Beautiful,

In the last newsletter we talked about the importants of the right color combination. Sometimes you look at some celebrity and wonder how is it possible to create something that beautiful. Well, it's possible! Let's start with basics.

Neutrals is like a skillet of your wardrobe. You whole wardrobe should be based on neutrals. Why? Because you can never go wrong, neutrals are able to coordinate well with variate of colors and do not attract a lot of attention.
Examples of neutrals would be black, white, grey as well as dulled, muted colores: navy blue, burgundy brown, taupe, olive. This colors are neutrals because they lie across from one another on color wheel.
How to recognize wardrobe neautrals?
Trust your intiaition. The less bright the color the more neutral it becomes.
If you thinking of buying an expensive suit or boots, I would suggest to invest in neautrals because neutrals can be combined with pretty much any color.

image via~ pinterest

Accent colors are bright, strong and intense. If your wardrobe is full of neutrals then you definitely should get a pop of color. How? Buy a colorful necklace or invest in royal blue pumps. Think of an interior. Imagine white fancy modern living room with soft white couches and fluffy light pillows. It's all white and light. It is beautiful, but to finish the composition you need an accent or a pop of color. The pop of yellow and pink would make it interesting. This way your attention goes first to the accent color and then around the room. The same way in fashion . Remember, not to go overboard. I like to use from 15 to 35% of accent color and the rest could be neutrals. 

In a next letter I will tell you more about Universal Colors.



You can wear pretty much any color you want.‏

Hi Beautiful,
Did you know that you can wear pretty much any color you want or like? You just need to learn how to do it. As you experiment with colors, you will learn that it's not only the color you wear, but the colors in combination that make the difference. It's not only what you wear, but how and where you wear it.

image via~ pinterest

Growing up, I was always fascinated by beautiful actresses in “All My Children” and some other Latin American soap operas. I was really impressed by the way the were dressed: always stylish, elegant and outfits were completed with incredible color combinations. Now, I know that they used fancy stylists and image consultants, but the great news is that every skill is learnable and the ability to create stunning color combination is NOT a magic science. You can actually learn it and apply it FAST! In a next letter I will show you what is Neutral and what is Accent colors and how to recognize both types of colors.


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Interview with the Winner of Free E-Color Analysis Amy Williams

Hello Lovelies,
Today I will ask few questions to the Winner of the Contest that I recently held on Seasonal Color Analysis Fanpage. You probably know Amy Williams, she an active member of Fanpage and she was lucky enough to win Free E-Color Analysis. I wanted to share with you Amy's thoughts and recommendations. Amy was kind enough to share her experience with all my readers. Thank you Amy!)

Amy Williams- COOL SUMMER

1) What were your first thoughts when you found out you were the winner of Free E-Color Analysis Contest?
I was SO delighted.  I was really seriously hoping to win and it was on my mind all weekend prior to the announcement.

2)  Were you professionally analyzed before?
Never before.  Growing up in the 80s, my mom had the book "Color Me Beautiful" and I studied it but it never made much sense to me.

3)  Did you have any idea what was your Season?
From reading your blog, I determined I was cool Winter, partly 
because I've always liked wearing black.  But then I suspected I might 
be Summer - especially because I don't really look dark and beautiful 
like winters.  Eventually I just lost all confidence in my ability to 
decide and was simply confused and lost.

Amy with her Beautiful kids!

4) What was the process of E-Color Analysis?
The process took a while because I didn't have anyone to help me 
take the pictures in daylight without a flash - except my 6 year old 
son.  We had some camera glitches to work out, too.  The process of 
finding all the color blocks was also a challenge: I had to search my 
husband's and children's wardrobe to find all the different colors 
needed.  Then, after I submitted my photos, the waiting was the 
hardest part.

5) Did you find the materials helpful?
The materials you sent exceeded my wildest imagination.  I just 
thought you'd declare my season and then I could refer to the 
information you've already posted on your blog.  It turns out you did 
a ton of work relating to me specifically.  You referred back to 
specific photos to  explain your thought process, and really helped me 
understand how you arrived at your conclusion.  I have been studying

the materials since they arrived and am still far from having covered  
it all.  The main thing I learned about myself is that I need to 
choose softer colors.  I've been thinking I was a winter so I've been 
buying a lot of vivid colors, and that's actually an unhelpful 
approach for being a Cool Summer.

6)Would you recommend this service to your friend?
 I have already recommended the service to friends and family.  It's 
really a life-changer to know which colors are best for you.  Already 
I've bought a new hat that I wouldn't have chosen before I had my
analysis, and it looks (and feels) fantastic!  Thank you so much.  I'm 
so grateful.

Thank you Amy for this Interview. I can't wait to see new pictures with New Pretty Color Palette!)

What is your Season?

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Light Spring Color Palette

Light Spring has the lightest tints and tones of Spring colors. Think of first spring flowers and fresh new grass. Light Spring is soft and delicate. Read more in Article  Light Spring Explained.

Light Spring Work

Mix Camel Dress with Apricot accessories for a Preppy Business look

Light Spring Casual

Khaki with clear bright red or watermelon would be a great choice.
 images  1,2,3

Light Spring Evening
Turquoise for sure will turn heads. Add a  bit of a warm pink for a  bit of a contrast. 

Violet is a great alternative to the Black for the evening. 
Mix it with lemon for an interesting twist.
images 1,2,

What is your Season?

* Do you know your WOW colors? I can totally help! Get E-Color Analysis it's affordable and Fun!

* Don't forget to Sign Up for a Free Newsletter delivered weekly to your inbox. 


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