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ONLY $59

"Knowledge of your colors will change your life and make you look younger and healthier!"
~Yelena Starikova

  • Is your closet uninspiring and boring?
  • Or maybe its full of clothes but nothing to wear? 
  • Then it is time for a Change!

Based on my knowledge and experience I evaluate your natural coloring and present you with Your Own Individual E-Color Palette and E-Manual describing your season to enhance your Natural Beauty.

What are the Benefits of Color Analysis?

* no more headache on what to wear
convenience. Some people have no Image or Color consultants    around , this is the perfect opportunity to get color analysis done.
* savings of top dollars
* save your time.
* feel good about the fact  that you know about yourself more then most people out there.

Now you have the same high end service at your fingerprints and at the lower cost

"I tried to research color analysis online but quickly realized that I needed a professional to step in. I researched local image consultants and they wanted $600 for an in-person color analysis! I'm so glad I chose Yelena's service. She was great to work with - very prompt, courteous, and professional and helped me find the right season at a very reasonable price. Now I can't wait to edit my closet with my new colors! Thank you Yelena!"


How does it Work?

Follow 3 Simple Steps:

STEP 1. Pay with "BUY Now" button

STEP 2. Sign Up HERE and Fill up Questionnary.

STEP 3. Send Pictures. Make sure to Read "Picture Requirements" instructions.

{NOTE: Time can vary from a week to up to 14 days.}

 Picture Requirements

After you've paid for your analysis and answer the questionnaire, you need to send me some photos of yourself. Obviously the accuracy of my analysis will be dependent on the quality of your photos. Pictures has to be taken in natural lighting, no flash light and no make up. I need clearly see your eyes, skin and hair.

List of Pictures that I need:

  1. Portrait Picture. Specially made for me, where I can clearly see your eyes (eye color), your face, no make up, hair is up and it has to be day light. No Photoshop please. I need to see your natural coloring. The larger the Picture the better! High resolution if possible.

The Eyes are Clearly seen

NOT Good!
Too far away, can not see Features

2. Pictures of you holding color blocks next to your face {example}.
Can be a t-shirt or a scarf. Color Blocks of as many colors as you able to do~ can be some pastels and a lot of bright colors~ different shades of red, blue, green, yellow, violet, black, etc.  The more the better! 
It is important for me to see the reaction of your skin to the different color shades for correct assessment.  
I need  at least 10 pictures of you in different colors.
REMINDER: If you color your hair I want you to cover it with white cap or anything similar. 

3. Picture of you as a child. From age 5 to 12, if possible.

What Will You Get?
  1. Discovering Your Season File~ where I explain WHY I believe that you are that certain Season.
  2. Your Individual Color Palette with 30 of your best colors.
  3.  Manual~ Description of your season. From this Manual you will learn:
  • how to wear your colors
  • your best neutrals
  • how to wear black
  • your color combinations
  • make up
  • hair
  • glasses
  • your level of contrast
  • fabrics
  • prints
  • jewelry
  • accessories
  • perfume
  • your best styles
  • what mistakes to avoid
  • personality characteristics
  • looks 
  • celebrities

"Thank you sooo much!! These documents have cleared up sooo much confusion for me.  You have such a talent for fashion, color combinations, etc.  I am so very impressed with you!!  Again, thank you so so, very much!!! I am extremely happy with your results!!!!!!!!  I will study all of this to have when I go shopping for new clothes.  You can't believe how many pieces of clothing, especially tops, I had to get rid of because they do not fit and/or the color is wrong.  I tend to love to buy lots of color.  I found my favorite color is the light mint one. =)  I am almost done with my diet, hopefully finished in a month or so and will go shopping. yay!!!
I may order the body type and clothing analysis before I actually go out and shop! I have lost so much weight and have bought a bikini for the first time in my life!  

Thank you again Yelena.
I feel very pretty!


ONLY $59

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