My Private Stylist

Hello Lovelies,

Please Welcome   My Private Stylist.

Do you remember how I like to talk about Investment Buys. Well, this product is an Investment Buy. You can save so much money and time by knowing what exact garments fits Your Individual Body Type and Why?

My Private Stylist is a web-based program that allows to plug in your measurements, etc – and it then creates a specific style blueprint for you to follow

You can learn about every item you place on your body; from necklines to hemlines, skirts to dresses, pants to shorts and much more. You'll be shown exactly what suits your body shape, age and lifestyle.

With over 660 full color photographs of items, all wardrobe aspects are covered.

"I LOVE the My Personal Stylist Program.  I am having a great time with it and there were many many mistakes made but that is no longer a problem!! 
I am so happy !!"


Myself, being an Image Consultant I've learned some new things about my Own Body Shape. And I had this WOW moment!)

This program used to be available to only a few select Image Consultants , now it's available to anyone in the world for ONLY $89.00.

Watch The VIDEO!

Enter YOUTUBE and get 10% Off

BUT, Remember to GO TO AllGlamthings.MyPrivateStylist.Com 
to get the Discount!

*There is an optional Style Guide book {$35 Value}. All of your information from the program transferred into the book so that you can take it with you to shop. How cool is that? Get $10 discount on the book if you order it at the same time with the Program. 
I would recommend to buy this guide. It's just more convenient to carry around!


  • You’ll never make a mistake again when it comes to a clothing purchase – clothing, shoes, accessories, make up, etc.
  • You will know what to keep and what to throw out when it comes to going through your wardrobe, drawers and blanket boxes.
  • And you’ll look great every time you put clothes on!

It's FUN, give it a Try!


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