The Difference Between Cool, Clear and Deep.

Hi Yelena  I am hoping you further my color analysis understanding. I am definitely cool but am having trouble determining Dark, Cool or Clear/Bright.  What are the determining factors?  I don't think I'm Dark as I don't have dark eyes. I have dark brown hair, greenish eyes which have some blue in there too I think.  I am not understanding what Clear means and how this is dominant over dark/light.

Thank you

Hello Sandra!
Ok, let's see what are the Difference between this Seasons.
Dark/Deep Season can be described as Strong and Rich. Dark Season has Dark hair and Rich Dark eye color.  Think of Kim Kardashian type of woman. Black looks Great on this Seasons and in pastels the Deep Woman looks kind of washed out.  Since you don't have Dark Eyes then you probably not Dark/Deep Season. 

If you don't see any warmth in yourself then you could be described as Cool. The best way to find out if You are Cool is to hold a golden scarf/tissue next to your face. If you face look sick, unhealthy next to this color then you probably Cool. Cool Season typically has no Yellow in eyes and no golden flecks.

Clear is bright &crisp. The biggest clue would be bright jewel like eyes with crisp white whites. The pigment of Clear Season Eye is pure and heavy concentrated.

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  1. Great post, Yelena! I think it can be much easier for people to know if they are deep or not, but determining if they are clear is harder.

  2. Jeanine, You probably Right! But that's why WE~ Color Analysist exist. To help people to find their Season and Best Colors!)

  3. What would you say is the fairest/palest season? Because whenever I am in group pictures I am always the palest one,almost a glowy pale! Some people used to joke and say I was a vampire since I glow so much. Also one more question how much orange/coral can a light summer handle? Can they wear coral,peach,salmon,light orange as long as its light and paired with some cool jewelery or clothes? Thanks

  4. Yes. It's really hard to guess Dear! Why don;t you get my Seasonal Color Analysis. It's really affordable. So you can get a piece of mind)


  5. Hi : Is there a deep, soft with cool coloring group? If I paid for it would you look closely at my eye colour and ignore my dyed hair colour? I have hazel green eyes, naturally brown hair with a bit of red and gold highlights and muted skin tones that is slightly pink. Who wears rose gold well? Sandra

    1. Hello Sandra! I would definitely take a close look at your file and give my best recommendation. From your description it sounds like you could be Soft Season. But it's just quick thought. If you want we can work together and I will take a look at your pictures with different color blocks to see your skin reaction as well as pictures from your childhood.

      You can read more here:



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