Having Fun with my Hair

Hey Dolls!
How was your weekend? I hope you had a great time!
So, as a part of my Color Analysis Service I attach a makeover image of a client where I do make up and hair suggestions based on their Seasonal Color Palette. So yesterday I decided why not to do makeover for myself? I used Taaz.com ~ it's a great tool to play around and it's Free!
See what I came out with.

Since I'm Soft Summer with Hazel Eyes, then  Velvety Rich Blonde would look great on me so I used perfect hair color which is more muted with more shades and low light -high light kind of blond.  
It was so funny, my friend on a Facebook went crazy. I got tons of compliments and that made me think that I better do some changes pretty soon.
What do you think?

After getting excited about new changes in my hair I realized that I have extensions that I hardly ever use. It's 18 inch Extensions in Blond Frost from  Euronext.  It's Clip-in Human Hair Extensions, very lightweight { that's the reason why i liked it} and easy to attach to your hair. Take a look.

 I got Blond Frost color because it blends well with my natural color and I like the idea of extension because of the volume and length that it gives. But my dilemma is that my hair pretty thin and I always afraid that somebody would see that I have extensions. Silly right? Or maybe I'm just a little lazy and just not used to it.  
Anyway, my agenda is to correct my hair color pretty soon and learn how to be comfortable with hair extensions, at least for some occasions .) 

Oh, I found this great video from Bubble Dreams  blog on how to Clip hair extensions ~ Check out this Blog. Author is fabulous and got many great hair tutorials.

Do you use hair extensions?



Color Tip

Color Tip: Medium blue eyes will appear brighter when a slightly duller blue scarf, sweater or eye shadow is worn and vice versa.

Credit: google.com

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