Soft Autumn Color Palette

Soft Autumn~ You Palette is full of Rich and Elegant Shades. Your Pinks ranges from Peaches to Deep Rose. All this Gorgeous Rose shades will blend Perfectly with your Basics: Coffee, Olive, Stone. 
Read more in my Article: Soft Autumn Explained.

Soft Autumn Work

If you already own Grey or Navy Suits then add some of you favorite shade from you palette~ 
salmon would look great. 

Soft Autumn Casual

Olive Green is the most versatile neutral add a dash of buttermilk or rose to complete the look. 

Soft Autumn Evening

For Soft Autumn the best Special Occasion choice would be Purple. I decided to make 2 looks, see it for yourself~ Both looks Great for Soft Autumn.


What do you think of this looks?

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  1. I'm a soft autumn and have a difficult time coming up with color combinations. Thank you for posting these outfits - they are very inspiring! The "soft autumn casual" outfit is my favorite, but the terracotta/mauve color of the last dress is one of my favorite colors too =)

  2. Thank You Tracy! It's nice to receive a feedback!)


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