Deep Winter Color Palette

Deep Winter can successfully wear Dark Colors when other seasons would look pale. 
For you to look Great wear Vibrant primaries and Deep Neutrals.
Read more in Article Deep Winter Explained.

Deep Winter Work

Black , charcoal or navy looks Great on You!
 Add Raspberry or Turquoise to make your look alive.

Deep Winter Evening

Little Black Dress is Great on You as well as True Red.


Deep Winter Casual

Pine green and Hot pink looks stunning on You.



True Red sweater an charcoal Jeans could be a Great Alternative.


What do You think of Deep Winter Color Palette?

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Readers Question

Hi, could you please do some more about Cool Summer? How can I wear a brown coat ( I have one) and other brown and beige clothes?Thank you very much!

Dear Reader,
Of course you can wear Brown Color. You best browns are Cool Browns , think of Cappuccino and  Milk Chocolate. Even if Browns are not from your color palette {not cool} you can always add pretty scarf , pop of color near your face will freshen  up you look.  Experiment with lighter shades such as soft fuchsia, turquoise, lavender, periwinkle. The same goes with Beige.

Look at how pretty Brown looks with pinks.

Brown also Great with Navy and All shades of Blue



I love your website and would like to have my colours analysed, but... I have had them done before twice and had different results, so very confused and not sure if I am silly to spend more money to have them done again.
I'm dark brunette/light olive with some pink nes/ dark brown eyes with grey rims, which apparently can be hard to define... Or so I've been informed twice! What accuracy are your analysis's? I'm now torn between, two winter/two summer palettes. Do you do "flow" analysis or just one season? Do you think brown eyed brunettes can be Summers? I'm wanting to get the right palette sorted so I can get my wardobe in order and start "post baby" shopping :)I would like to get the swatches etc also, can you post to Australia?
If so, what costs am I looking at all up?

Kindest Regards,

Dear Keira,

Congratulations on Your Baby! Great Time to do some changes to your wardrobe!)
I wish I could be more help, but It is really hard to tell without looking at your pictures. You could be Summer , you could be Winter you could be Autumn. I need to see Your pictures and Color Blocks near your face . 
And I absolutely understand how frustrating It might be when you are in between few Seasons.

I do Seasonal Color Analysis~ I determine your flow, whether you are Deep, Soft ect. My Customer Satisfaction is very Important to me and I prepare about 15 pages pdf document that I call "Determining Your Season"~ where I use few techniques and share my thoughts on how and why You are that Particular Season. You can read customers Testimonials here. All my customers seems to  be very Happy ! 
Send me your Images, If you are not going to be happy with results  I'll refund you your money.
And about Swatches~ I dont ship swatches myself. You can learn more on  Lora Alexander website~ Pretty Your World .

Warm Regards,

If you have some Questions You can ASK ME

Clear Winter Color Palette

Clear Winter has beautiful bright and vibrant color  palette.
Read more in Article Clear Winter Explained.

Clear Winter Work

It's easy for Clear winter to pick a Suit. Blacks, Navies, Grays looks Great on You!
 Add Royal blue or any jewel like color as your blouse or an accessory to spice up your look.

Clear Winter Casual

Don't be bored with blacks ,
 combine pink and teal  for high contrast and unexpected color combination. 

Clear  Winter Evening

You are lucky Season. You can have fun with jewel tones of evening wear.  Try Hot pink or Emerald Turquoise for that Special Night.

What do you think of this looks?

* If you are interested in What is your Personal Season and Best Colors I offer e-color analysis service

Read more Seasonal Color Analysis

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