{few website updates}

Hello Pretty Girls! Have you Discovered your Season yet? If not this is the Perfect Place to Learn about your Natural Beauty and what colors will help you to Enhance it!

In a mean time I would like to share with your few website updates:

* we opened a youtube channel for Seasonal Color Analysis. I am always looking for new information on Seasonal Color Analysis and I often find interesting videos with tons of knowledge.
I felt like youtube is missing ONE -STOP- PLACE on Color Analysis.  So, why not to create place like that?
Please welcome Seasonal Color Analysis {or Glamcolours Channel}. I will be adding new interesting videos to keep it exciting!

* Also, I decided to create something like a Hub~ a list of my favorite websites on Color Analysis. This is few of the best on the market, my friends and true professionals {look on the right sidebar at the bottom to see the List}

Here is the List:
{color analysis sites}

Warm Wishes,

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