Seasonal Color Analysis. Part 2

My Dear friend  Lora Alexander ~ Famous Seasonal Color Analysist and Writer of wonderful book 
12 Seasons. It was very unclear to me until I met Lora and read her book.

Now I would like to describe in few words What is 12 Seasons Color Analysis and
 how to use it to your advantage.

Every person on planet earth has 1 of 6 dominate “characteristics” in their coloring. By understanding characteristics of color this will help you to understand you own coloring. So:

    Hue--is the name of the color that can be perceived as Cool or Warm
    Value-- change of color from white to black , so it means Dark or Light
    Chroma-- Whether the color appears Clear or Muted

So here you go, we have 6 Dominate “ characteristics” to determine what season are you.

Now, we have to follow 2 simple steps:

  1. Determine your First Dominant, whether you Light, Dark, Muted etc. ( 75% of work is done by the end of 1st step!)
  2. Determine you 2nd and 3rd Dominant.

Lets look closet at Dominants:

Deep -Dark and rich

Light-Light and Delicate

Clear-Clear & Bright

Warm- No Cool undertones

Soft-Soft & Muted

Cool-No Warm undertones

Now that you know what is you main Dominant, we need to figure out what your
 Second Dominant. Either you Cool or 
Warm or Soft or Clear.

How to Determine if you Cold Or Warm?

*Take to pieces of material of scarves in color Salmon and Pink.
*Drape loosely around the neck
*The color “Floods” the face and either enhances the complexion or looks unmistakably wrong

Things to look for when Color Draping

The Wrong Colors:
*Makes the skin look pale, Grey or washed out
*Lines , wrinkles, blemishes will stand out

The Right Colors:
*Makes the skin look clear
*Brings a healthy , youthful glow
*Eyes will sparkle and hair will shy

By now you probably know whats your 1st and 2nd Dominants. 
 By adding up that knowledge we can tell what is Your Season.

Dark+Cool= Dark Winter
Dark+ Warm= Dark Autumn
Light +Warm= Light Spring
Light+ Cool= Light Summer
Clear+Cool= Clear Winter
Clear+ Warm= Clear Spring
Soft+ Warm= Soft Autumn
Soft+ Cool = Soft Summer
Warm+ Clear= Warm Spring
Warm+ Soft/dark= Warm Autumn
Cool + Soft/Light= Cool Summer
Cool+ Clear/dark= Cool Winter

Sounds really easy , right.....but it can be complicated sometimes.....
If you have some question , you can ask me.

* Do you know Your Season
* Would like to learn more about Your Personal Color Season and You Best Colors? 

Look no more. 
I offer e-color analysis service. Contact Me!


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  1. Great explanation of how to find which is dominant and what the six characteristics are!



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