Readers Question: What Season am I?

"First, I absolutely adore your blog. My question is this: Have you ever worked with a person who does not fall in one of the seasonal categories? I just cannot seem to fit in. For example: I was once told I was a "winter" my hair is naturally very dark brown and my skin tone is medium with freckles. my eyes are medium hazel.I don't like to wear much color, and prefer black. I think the two colors that look good on me are a very rosy saturated coral and a deep saturated plum.. I don't think blue looks very good on me unless it is midnight. I thought perhaps deep autumn, but peach and apricot make me look sick. 

I have an olive cast to my skin and when I have held up gold and silver in the store, people have said they can't choose, they look equal.When I look in your choices for winter, some of the colors look terrible on me. When I look in your deep autumn, some of those would work and others would look terrible. My daughter is getting married next summer and I really want to wear a color that looks great on me. Thank you so much for your beautiful blog, i enjoy it every day."

Thank you for your kind words AND Congratulation to you on your daughter's marriage ~ that is MAGICAL! Don't you worry we can fix your Dilemma!!!

First of all~ you are either Deep Autumn or Deep Winter.

Now, plum is a gorgeous color that pretty much can be worn by both Seasons, BUT Rosy coral tells me that you probably on a cooler side, which leads to Deep Winter.

There is a TEST that you can do at home and see which color pallete looks good on you.

To determine whether you are  Deep Autumn or Deep Winter DO Compare:


{You can use T-shirts or Scarfs. See the reaction on your skin. Choose the colors that flatter you the most.}

If you still not sure what season are you. I offer very affordable E-Color Analysis Service
Let me know how did it go.

Warm Regards,

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  1. Thanks, this pretty much settled my dilemma --- I am a deep winter for sure.


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