Readers Question: Bright Accessories for Soft Autumn

I have two questions:

When you say Soft Autumn should brighten accessories can you give some examples? I assume you don't mean light gold.
Do you find that people with blue eyes and gold/brown flecks always a warm or warm/neutral season?
Thanks, Suzanne

Hi Suzanne,

Definitely you can use brighter colors from you palette as an accessories {shoes, bags, jewelry}

If you like Bright colors, why don't you do odd combinations such as purple and wine or aubergine and salmon pink. 

Interesting Color Combo for Soft Autumn:

emerald turquoise+mint

These are some Stone suggestion from my Soft Autumn Manual {E-Color Analysis Service}

Great Jewelry for Soft Autumn would be Gold, Copper, Bronze, Creamy Pearls, Warm Stones & Enamels, Wooden Pieces,Shells, yellow gold, amber and coral. You can use the same colors in your shoes and handbags.

On your second part of the question it is hard to answer, because I have to see picture of your eyes. If its Cool Blue then you are Summer, but if its Aqua/ Teal blue then we are talking about Soft Autumn. Freckles might be a clue, but then again~ your skin color and hair color matters the most. As an Image Consultant I look at the whole picture.

Drew Barrymore~ Soft Autumn

Hope its been helpful.

Warm Regards,

*Due to big amount of questions from my lovely readers, I will be answering it weekly.

If you still not sure what season are you. I offer very affordable E-Color Analysis Service

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  1. Hi Yelena!

    Those rings are drool-worthy!! Just beautiful. And perfect for soft sutumns.



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