Color of Style Book Review

Just finished the “ Color Of Style” Book by David Zyla, and this system totally makes sense to me . Few days ago before this book came to my attention I was working on coloring of one of my clients and I was thinking to myself that all that colors that are in human eye and hair and skin tone some how has to be repeated in the way client dresses for a more natural and balanced look and voala , thanks to heavens , 2 days later I found this book.

Author's main idea is to find your essential colors in your own eyes, hair and skin tone for an absolute balance. Evident right?......makes sense to me!!!
So , his concept is to look in the mirror, in natural , indirect light and see what mother nature gave us. 

The First Base:your skin tone.
What color of skin do you have? Is it beige or Olive? Usually your concealer is the Essential Color.

Essential Color:
The one that harmonizes your skin tones and reveals your most genuine , open and essential self; your version of white. Wear it when you have an intimate conversation, meditating, when you want to be completely open and honest.

Romantic Color:
The color reflected by your fleshed skin, which reveals your passion, sexual energy, romantic self. Your version of RED. To make relaxed personal connection with a valued client wear it as an accent: blouse or scarf.

Dramatic Color:
The color taken from the shade of your veins, which shows your power, your charisma and your sense of authority. Your version of BLUE. Also good color for active wear and bathing suit.

Second Base: colors in our eyes.
Energy Color:
The color seen in the darkest part of your iris( not the ring outside the iris) which taps into the deepest sources of your energy; wear it when you want to be calm, self-possessed, centered: family reunion, meeting with child teacher.

Tranquil Color:
The color found in the lightest part of your iris . Color helps you to relax and release stress. wear it when you when you want to recover from a challenging situation such as after a long day at work.

Third Base: Hair colors
Look for 3colors in your hair: your version of Black, Brown and Khaki.

Here is Results of my Analysis based on this book concept.

Essential Color:Rose beige
Romantic Color: Dusty Rose
Dramatic Color: Soft Aquamarine/Teal
Energy Color: Milk chocolate a little golden thought
Tranquil Color: Sage
Well, Pretty much my colors , knowing that I am Soft Summer. I guess it Works!!!

But , I also have some disagreement with the Author. David divides each season( Winter , Summer) into 6 Archetypes, which does not make sense to me. Well, I couldn't find myself there. I also disagree with his celebrity picks for each Season.
Oh well, still the Book is Brilliant at least first part to me. I definitely recommend to read this book. The concept is really interesting.


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