Soft Summer

Soft Summer is my Favorite Season! 
Why  is that? Because I am Soft Summer myself and I'm loving  Soft Summer Color Palette
it's  Elegant and Feminine.

I believe in nature everything is balanced. Thats why Soft, muted coloring of Soft Summer looks really good on me. I believe my personality has some reflections of that as well.

So, as we've learned from Seasonal Color Analysis Theory:

 Soft Summer=  Soft+ Cool

Hair:Ash Blonde, medium brown, mousy grey.
Skintone: Ivory, Beige.
Eyes: Grey, blue-grey, soft hazel.

Soft Summer wears blended colors very well. 
Often Soft Summer can be  mistaken with Soft Autumn because these two Seasons are Sister Seasons, where Soft Summer is Cool and Soft Autumn is Warm. 

Rule To Remember:

Make sure to use soft , muted and difficult colors , 

nothing too bright. 

Level of contrast : Medium to Low.

Investment Buys:

*Rose Brown
*Light Navy
*Medium Grey

Best Colors : 

Grey, slate grey, charcoal, light desert sand, khaki, taupe, icy pink, rose, soft fuchsia, red-violet, raspberry, sea green, evergreen, emerald green, aqua, light aqua, true aqua, lavender, dusty purple, warm dusty purple, periwinkle, navy. 

Accessories for Soft Summer

Great Look for Soft Summer

Soft Summer Celebrities:

Lauren Conrad
Sarah Jessica Parker
Jenifer Anniston

* Do you know Your Season
* Would like to learn more about Your Personal Color Season and You Best Colors? 

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* Soft Summer Color Palette
Seasonal Color Analysis Theory


  1. Is it possible to go from soft summer in the winter to soft autumn in the summer when you get tanned and your hair gets natural sun highlights?

    1. Hello Katarzyna!
      No, it is not possible! You are either Cool (Soft Summer) or Warm (Soft Autumn). I hope it helps!(:

      Best Regards,

  2. I think I'm a soft summer but I have a hard time finding examples for non-blonde hair…
    I have a light neutral leaning-on-the-pink-side skin tone, medium blue-grey eyes and medium brown hair with a little bit of golden highlights in the sun, my whole coloring doesn't look very contrasted or too much muted either.
    I'd like to darken my hair color, do you think it can suit my coloring ? I'm thinking about chocolate brown hair, for example.

  3. I've been told I'm a soft summer but I feel so insecure because I cant find any soft summmers with pale skin like me, all the soft summmer celebrities seem so tanned against me, was I misdiagnosed?

    I have porcelain skin with cool undertones, blue-grey-green eyes and dark ash blonde hair, please help me it is driving me crazy!


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