Soft Summer Color Palette

Soft Summer color palette is very elegant and feminine. I explained Soft Summer color combinations, wear tips and more in  Article: Soft Summer explained. You can always go back and learn more about this beautiful season. 
This time I would like to give you visual aid on how to actually use soft summer color palette in different situations.

Soft Summer Casual

For casual look mix dusty rose or raspberry with cocoa,  medium blue or grey. I picked classic dark wash  jeans for slimming effect.
 Nude wedges are very comfortable and elongate legs.

Soft Summer Work

Jade is a great color for soft summer, why don't use it in work wear? This classic and structured dress looks very professional and put together. Jade also looks great with rich and creamy rose colors.

Soft Summer Evening

Great alternative to black for Soft Summer would be Pewter. For Evening Wear I'm using Grey/Pewter Dress. It is quite simple but very sexy. To spice things up I added this gorgeous Christian Louboutin  Shoes, Metallic Clutch in very elegant and simple shape and girls best friends ~diamonds.

What do you think of Soft Summer Color Pallete. 
Would you wear this looks?

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