Soft Autumn

As we've learned from Seasonal Color Analysis Theory:

Soft+ Warm= Soft Autumn

Hair: Medium Brown, golden blonde, mousy brown/blonde.
Skintone: Beige.
Eyes: Hazel, Topaz, Brown, grey-green.

The Soft Autumn Color Palette  is elegant and sophisticated. 

Level of contrast : Medium to Low.

The Best look for Soft Autumn is a blended look.  Try  using blue under navy or rust under brown.
Avoid extremes of contrast.

{forever 21}

Mix and Match Darker Colors of your Palette with One or two tone lighter color. Combination of light grey+ light olive or dark blue with salmon will look Fabulous!

Avoid Black and White Substitute it for Navy blue, Grey and Creamy Peach.

Use brighter Colors in Accessories and Do not be afraid to be feminine. 
You season is very soft and Feminine.

Investment Buys:

*Medium Grey

Best Colors:

Mahogany, brown, medium grey, camel, khaki, grey, light peach, deep rose, light coral, dusty pink, coral, terracotta, buttermilk, mint, emerald turquoise, turquoise, jade, sea green, evergreen, purple, dark purple, aubergine. 


Creamy Pearls, Muted Stones, Mixed Woods

Soft Autumn Celebrities:

Molly Sims
Drew Barrymore
Amanda Bynes

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  1. I thought black was a no-no for Soft Autumn, yet I frequently see photos of Drew Barrymore in black, like above, and she looks stunning. What's up with that? Is she an exception, or how does she pull it off so well?

  2. Here is the Trick! If you show a lot of skin{ big V-neck or decollete} then you can save pretty much any color, even black!)


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