Soft Autumn Spring Look

I love a little bit of color in outfit. And let me tell you Salmon and Camel combination just stunning. It look gorgeous almost on any Season, specially Soft Autumn~ Its neutral and warm enough. Perfection!



  1. I believe I am a Soft Autumn. The colors seems to be perfect for me. I can wear either coral, peach or rose blush and lipsticks. I have light-medium red hair, very light golden skin with a cool undertone. My eyes are a green/gray. I believe to be correct on my analysis? Thank you...

  2. Hi Yelena. I have come to a partial conclusions that I am a Soft Autumn. I have light/medium red hair, light skin coloring (not fair) very light golden with a pink undertone, green-gray eyes. Do you agree with my conclusion? I have been told I am a True Spring but my skin coloring is not that dark and my hair is not that red. Please advise....Thank you!


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