Light Summer

Light Summer is:

Light+ Cold= Light Summer

Light Summer has:
You are cool-toned  and very delicate.
Your eyes are blue or green . 
Your hair is light to medium ash blonde or light ash brown. 
Skin is pale neutral beige or soft beige with pink undertones.

Light Summer has very little contrast between hair , skin and eyes,
 sometimes you see light freckles.

In order to look Elegant Light Summer in need for Light and Soft Colors. 
Monochromatic combinations of colors look Fantastic on Lights Summer Woman.

Do NOT wear black near your face, add some scarf or blouse of cool color. 
Try the 'Armani' style neutrals of stone, taupe and pewter.
Ivory is a better alternative to white.

Lighter and brighter colors will look fine.  
However neon or electric colors will be overpowering.

For Light Summer Grey color should be light and cool.

If you wanna buy some Investment pieces the
 best colors for you would be:

*Light Camel
*Light Grey
*Grey Navy

Your Best Colors are:
Grey, slate grey, cocoa, light desert sand, khaki, powder pink, rose pink, rose, red-violet, coral pink, clear salmon, clear red, light lemon yellow, light aqua, sea green, spruce, navy, sky blue, steel blue, lavender, periwinkle, dusty purple 

Your Metal:

Platinum, White Gold, Sterling Silver, Light Stones

Light Summer Celebrities:

Michelle Pfeiffer

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  1. This is BRILLIANT! :) Best guide I've come across!

  2. So light summer can wear ivory not just soft white? Awesome :)


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