Deep Autumn

 As we've learned from Seasonal Color Analysis Theory:

Dark+ Warm= Deep Autumn

Hair:Deep Brown, chestnut, auburn.
Skintone: Honey brown, bronze, black, golden olive, warm beige, ivory.
Eyes: Rich olive or hazel, golden brown, black-brown.

The Deep Autumn Color Palette  is deep and rich. 
Your strong coloring demands deep shades worn with bright or light ones for contrast.

Level of contrast : High.


 Although you lean towards the warmer colors you still can wear  some of the darker cooler shades such as dark navy and charcoal. Avoid pale shades and colors that have a cool look.

Investment Buys:

*Dark Navy

Best Colors:

Black brown, black, light yellow, marigold, peach, terracotta, salmon pink, tomato red, deep red, true red, dark rose, lemon yellow, camel, jade, moss, lime bronze, hot turquoise, cerulean, Chinese blue, evergreen, navy, purple.


Shiny metals (gold), deep stones and enamels, black or white pearls, dark wooden pieces.

Deep Autumn Celebrities:

Julia Roberts
Eva Mendes
Natalie Portman

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  1. Is it possible to be between deep winter and deep autumn? I have gold-yellow undertones in my skin and brown eyes and red-gold undertones in my dark brown hair, but the deep autumn colour palette looks horrible on me (especially the yellows and beiges) while every colour on the winter palette looks amazing on me. So does that make me a deep winter or deep autumn, or both?

  2. I would guess you to be a deep autumn with neutral skin (your veins look neither blue nor green). So that means you probably have brown-black hair that shines red in the sunlight, pale olive skin that can look sallow if you wear drab yellows, and you look awesome in black (deep autumn is the only warm skin tone to achieve this). I'll also bet you look great in bright persimmon, magenta, black, silver and gold.

  3. I get so confused with these color tests! Color Me Beautiful results me as autumn but doesn't take my bright hazel eyes into account. Other tests that do list me as a winter. I've also been a summer. I have mousy brown medium hair that's more warm?gold not red tones? But my skin shows blue veins. I wear a neural foundation of course. I tan moderately except my pale legs. Any suggestions?

  4. Yelena, the link doesn't seem to work for the color analysis.


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