Clear Spring

Clear Spring is:

Clear+ Warm= Clear Spring

Clear Spring has:

Your Eyes are  Turquoise blue, green, or Topaz.
Your Hair is Medium to Dark Golden Brown, or Brown-black.
Your Skin-tone is Bronze, deep   warm brown,  brown-black, light Ivory,or porcelain.

If Clear Spring wears very Dark, dusty colors, pale pastels or golden browns she looks boring, but in true blue, clear red or emerald green she looks wonderful. 
Bright, clear shades are her best!

The colors is more Exciting when worn in Contrast; For Example, Ivory and Red or 
Charcoal and warm pastel pink.

If you wanna buy some Investment pieces the
 best colors for you would be:

*Dark Blue

When you wear Charcoal or Light grey Suit add some Clear and bright colors 
 from your Palette such as warm Salmon or aqua.

Your Best Colors are:

Navy, grey, charcoal, black, light grey, turquoise, yellow, marigold yellow, mint, green, dark green, clear teal, hot turquoise, true blue, purple, purple-gray, peach, salmon, true red, warm pastel pink, hot pink. 


Shine metals, Bright Stones and Enamels. 

Clear Spring Celebrities:

Heather Graham
Jenny McCarthy
Emilie De Ravin

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  1. I thought that heather graham had light brown hair. And that chart says medium brown to dark. So can a Clear Spring have light brown or dark blonde hair?
    Thanks your site is really neat and helpful

    1. Exactly my thought. Either the chart is wrong, or Heather and Emilie aren't Clear Springs. As a lot of people think they are, the chart must be wrong, and the lighter hair should be added.
      Or, one could choose celebrities born with light brown hair, like Carey Mulligan or Brittany Snow, or celebrities with darker natural hair, like Milla Jovovich.

    2. Oh, the lady in the last picture IS Brittany Snow, who has naturally brown (light brown) hair, not Emilie De Ravin.

  2. It's my pleasure Darling!)


  3. I was draped recently and came out Clear Spring! I have dark blonde/light brown level 7 hair and green hazel eyes. Everyone I know would consider me a blonde. Hair color is the last thing to consider, if you even do in finding your season. It's all about your skin, with your eye influencing. Many times your hair color is completely covered during a draping, so it doesn't matter.


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