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4th of July Color Analysis Sale

Do you have closet full of cloth and nothing to wear? Or maybe it looks like zebra passed by you closet,  leaving you only with black and white choices? Believe me, I was there and struggled with boredom and same all grey pants and skirts, until I discovered color analysis and  power of color. 
At GlamThings, I offer unique opportunity to get your Color Analysis done without leaving your house, at the low cost and 99.9 % of accuracy and satisfaction

 ONLY $47.20
(20% off from Original $59)
Discount ends on July 7th

Why color analysis is important for every woman?

* no more headache on what to wear
convenience. Some people have no Image or Color consultants    around , this is the perfect opportunity to get color analysis done.
savings of top dollars
* save your time.
* feel good about the fact  that you know about yourself more then most people out there.

4th of July is very important day in United States and because I love that country so much and many of my customers come from there, I want to celebrate this wonderful day together and give something special to my loyal readers.
Starting today and only this weekend I give 20% discount on my Online Color Analysis Service. Don't miss this great discount because I don't do it that often!(;

Just click on the PayPal button and get Special Price. Ends on 7th of July.

 ONLY $47.20
(20% off from Original $59)
Discount ends on July 7th

Get 20% and pay ONLY $47.20 for Online Color Analysis

Some words of Satisfaction:

"I absolutely love the things you are teaching me! I went shopping last week and actually had an idea of color to look for and what do you know? I look amazing in the soft pastels!! I can not thank you enough for the info you have given me! I'll tell anyone any everyone I can. I wish I knew all this years ago! I am trying to apply everything you are sending me and been going through my closet getting rid,of the things that just don't work. 
Thank you again."
~Amy, from Oregon 


Warm Spring Color Palette

Warm Spring has warm and clear color palette that means that you look great in warm and bright colors. Read more in Article Warm Spring Explained.

Warm Spring Work

Golden brown and Aqua will make you look professional and interesting.

Warm Spring Casual

Terracotta, camel and and golds are great basic colors for you. Add orange red, light peach or kelly green for an extra edge.

Warm Spring Evening

Instead of Black wear Golden or Kelly green.

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What is your Season?

* Do you know your WOW colors? I can totally help! Get E-Color Analysis it's affordable and Fun!

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